MediOrbis: The answer for information and support with the Flu & Pneumonia Pandemic

January 27, 2020 at 5:00 AM
by Don Lightfoot
Face protection coronavirus in Hong Kong!

Our global partner, MediOrbis, is the best positioned to provide much needed information and support than any other health company in the world, especially for hospitality companies with properties across the globe. Just as with SARS, the impact of the disease is likely to fall heaviest on specific industries, such as hotels and airlines, railways, casinos and other leisure businesses and retailers, analysts said.

Do NOT go outside: Nurse in China issues warning, claims up to 90,000 already infected with Coronavirus. And just today the number reported infected in LA has jumped from a few to over 110 overnight.

The problem here is two fold.

First, China was very slow in publicly addressing this virus, and, it couldn’t have come at a worst time with the Chinese New Year where there is expensive travel back to families for celebrations. Secondly, those infected...don’t know it for two weeks...which is the incubation time for the virus to manifest itself. During that time, many people were and will get infected.

This will have a huge negative effect on our economy, especially in the hospitality and travel sectors.

We have a partial solution by providing a WE CARE program which provides much needed medical advice with our partner, MediOrbis', global healthcare data bank and extensive global physician network when needed.