Unlimited Access to the best Virtual Urgent Care
Hospitality Wellness Program Value Propositions
  • The solution to the Number One concern of your guests (AHLA Survey), "What happens if they, or a family member, get sick or injured while at your property."
  • A Hold Harmless Agreement, so there are no liability issues with Hospitality Wellness Program.
  • Currently, the only medical assistance offered is by referring to an outside physician, which has liability issues.
  • Typically, a physician insists on seeing the guests. A decision that will cost the guest hundreds of dollars–money not spent at your property.
  • There are no costs to your property for health information and physician queries, no matter how many times they use the service during their stay. Provides AI virtual primary healthcare and telehealth by 125,000 Board Certified physicians 24/7 by our global partner.
  • Receive enhanced service with a daily fee of $0.95/day/occupied room added to the Resort Fee.
  • The dollar value of our zero deductible, zero co-pay program is significant for the guest. Each consultation with a Board Certified physician for telemedicine is typically $40 to $50 per consultation. The cost rises to $300+ for Urgent Care and $1,200+ for Emergency Room.
  • It immediately gives great value to your entire Resort Fee, which will increase visitors and revenue. There's no need to reduce or eliminate your Resort Fee.
  • Experience fewer cancellations and guest downtime due to illness or injury, increasing revenue. We're featured on five billboards on the way to the Vegas Airport: Did you get sick or injured while at the hotel? Call this number.
  • The program conveys a significant "we care" message, driving greater loyalty and more return guests.
  • The app features technology favored by Millennials, who will soon be 50 percent of guests.
  • Our partners are premier virtual healthcare and telemedicine platforms globally, with millions of covered lives.
  • You can provide a meaningful wellness service that guests will find favorable whether or not they use it.
  • You can be on the leading edge in the very competitive hospitality sector.

Safe Stay® is an industry-wide initiative focused on enhanced hotel cleaning practices, social interactions, and workplace protocols to meet the new health and safety challenges and expectations presented by COVID-19.

PPE Solutions

  • A game-changing virus detection testing system that gives results in less than a minute––not hours, days, or weeks.
  • Premier Gloves come directly from manufacturers in Vietnam, Malaysia, and South Korea––in unlimited supply.
  • Superior Masks arrive directly from manufacturers in America––in unlimited supply.



We have partnered with Grand Traverse Economic Development (GTED), an American Indian wholly-owned commercial investment entity of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians. They are active members of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, the Nevada Hotel & Lodging Association, and the Hawai’i Lodging & Tourist Association. GTED has received an 8(a) Business Development Program designation from the SBA, which gives preferential treatment in certain business contracts. For private businesses such as those in the hospitality sector, any purchases through GTED can be applied toward your annual corporate minority spend requirement.